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Stages Of Parenting

The act of raising a child from their infancy to adulthood refers to parenting which is said to be the toughest and the most fulfilling jobs in the world. Generally the biological mother and the father of a child refers to as parents but in some scenarios parenting act are also done by step-parents, grand-parents, older siblings, any other family members or some family friends. Some child got raised in orphanages or in a foster home and may get adopted by someone who wants to take the responsibility of raising the child. In the process of parenting or child-rearing involves a lot of responsibilities and jobs that a parent must provide to their child so that as the child grows and develops, they prepare themselves as an independent one. As a kid start developing their senses, they absorb everything whatever is being taught or shown by their parents and all the words and actions affects in developing a kid’s self-esteem.

Parenting styles may vary from person to person and those with good parenting skills are referred to as a good parent and those with the lack of skills are generally referred to as a bad parent. A child must get proper love, affection, care, support, guidance, lessons, protection and other basic necessities to be raised properly by their parents. Other than these there are few more factors that have a direct impact in how a parent raise their child, like – wealth, culture, education and social status. With the change of time and age of a child, it is also necessary for parents too to change their skills of parenting especially during the period of their child’s teenage.


Few of the important skills required at this stage are –

  • Positive communication; teaching and monitoring theirs child’s moral values, skills and behaviours; spending quality times;
  • Praising and encouraging;
  • Managing stress and tension of both the child and their own;
  • Studying the strength and weakness of the child and guiding them in the right direction;
  • Avoiding overprotection and making them face their own challenges with proper support and guidance;
  • And showing love and affection when required.

Being a parent, taking the right decisions for their child as well as for themselves are directly related their child’s future and is necessary to do whatever required in the right way and in the right time as it would have a direct impact on their children.

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